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Opportunity for co-producers and investors

We offer an opportunity for co-producers and investors to consider film-related investments. The potential return from a hit can be enormous. Partner with us. Our awards winning team and other professionals in the film industry of integrity we will bring the skills, expertise and resources to the endeavor. A well-made film can win awards and make a handsome return on investment. Jump into fun, glamorous and creative side. From successful film, you will not only make money on your investment, but you will have a relationship with our successful and loyal awards winning team and other professionals in the film industry that we will want to work with you again. The result is both bragging rights, and greater chance of future financial success. This is a very valuable kind of relationship to have.


  • Investments in some of the films in development in our website

  • Investments in many other famous international film productions all kind of genres with known actors that we develop not in the website are available for you on request

  • Have the gift in the glory of art, or in the other glories you feel that you receive from being part of the world of film and satisfy your dreams.

  • Investors will get bonuses such as set visits, small acting roles, and tickets to the premiers, invitations for events and parties, grow their reputation, popularity


Action / Adventure / Crime   Fantasy / Romance


Crime / Drama / Thriller


Horror / Suspense / Action

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