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Horror / Suspense / Action


Located on a far away. Dwarf planet, mineral extraction station “Borealis 4”, has three technicians responsible for its control and operation. A systems technician and a medical technician, both Spaniards, and a maintenance technician from Sweden.


They carried on the mining station three years, which is a month to get the team to the replace.


In a routine maintenance work, they discover strange red spores attached to tanks of water for the station supply.


After having consumed water from those tanks, systems technician dies to have been infected by a bacterium that has consumed his fluids and now invades his skin in the form of spores.


Without protocols, without means and ignoring completely the bacterial organism is facing, the doctor and the maintenance technician will fight to save their lives and maintain controlled the disease within the reduced space of the mining station…


…But the bacterial organism will anidate in vital systems of the small station, collapsing its operation…


…And exposing the two survivors to lethal infection.

A film by Raul Romera

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