Your individual name contains much power, and if you come to know that properly, you will discover much, and how to release your spiritual energies more effectively into your physical live. Your name reflects the energy signature and the energy patterns you have come to unfold, expand, and overcome within this lifetime. Your name signify your role and purpose. You will be able to recognize and know who you are and not just focus on things outside of yourself. You will elevate and embrace a greater respect for your self-determination. Do not forget, the phrase that was inscribed upon the temples of ancient, men know their self. The name chosen for yourself is which identifies with and represents the intent of you the individual.  When your name is spoken it invokes the statement of power and influence that your life represents. Your name speaks of who you are, what you are about and your self-determination. Your name gives a true indication of purpose in this life. It indicates the goals, the tools, and the handicaps, and it provides the information as to why you came into being on this planet at this time, what lessons you have chosen to teach yourself, what gifts and abilities you have come to unfold, as well as some of the obstacles you will have to learn to overcome. The meaning, the sounds, the rhythms, the nature of the letters, the configurations of the name and their combination’s, all disclose the hidden nature about the individual’s essence past and present, physical and spiritual, and what you have taken upon yourself to communicate with your souls essence in a very real and subtle manner. You need to understand what kind of communications they are so that you can more consciously direct them. By learning how to use your name as a communicator with the soul, you can manifest the energies of the soul more powerfully. You can begin to understand the rhythms and patterns of events playing themselves out within your life. You can initiate the process of unleashing your soul potential to create greater fulfilment, prosperity, love, joy and creativity. You can take in hand the divine process of accelerated initiation and heightened consciousness. When you understand this, and then learn to direct the communications with the soul from a conscious level, all the potentials of life will open up to you. What does it say then? What does it say to the world? How you feel and respond to that tells you where you are in recognition to your level of power, influence and the communications with your soul? After order to discover it send your name on . Until 2 days you will get personalised guidance about the secrets and the sacred powers of your name by email.

Sacred Power Of Your Name

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