Practical magic: The secret teachings of the Archangels and the white Angels to use of magic, the permitted ‘white magic’ as opposed to forbidden ‘black magic’. This tradition includes incantations of holy divine or angelic names, the use of amulets, and various forms of divination and soothsaying. Angelic white magic contain understanding the nature of God and existence, all of the knowledge of the Universe known, including everything from Astrology of the planets in our solar system to the creative life energy of this earth- birth, death, reincarnation of the soul and many other spiritual subjects. This globally practiced system includes a number of theological discourses and meditative techniques. The holy and pure angelic white magic creates life through magical means and has sought ways to summon and/or to communicate with God and the archangels and angels. After order send about your problem on . Until 2 days you will get complete information about your solution with performed white magic spell with the supreme divine power of white Witch, God, the Archangels and the white Angels by email.

Sacred Wisdom of White Magic

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